Saturday, 20 October 2012

Three Thousand Miles To You

Hi Everyone,
Here is a reading from my book
THree Thousand Miles To You!

Chapter Five


We arrive at the gala and it has similar routines of the ones back home. Everyone is dressed to impress. There are people gathered round talking no doubt about the other guests. Elegant dining and ice buckets full of champagne, although most of the main features are the same the one thing that remains different is the people. When I attend an event, I usually know everyone in the room but here everyone is a mystery a blank canvas not a single face I recognize. To them, they know everyone except the three strangers that have just walked in. My Dad and Julian head off in search of some MR. Jenkins they have been talking about all night as for me I head for the bar. “What can I get you miss?” “Um diet coke please.” As the bartender hands me my drink I turn around and scan the entire room looking at the faces of the people who live in this amazing city. "Oh my god" I say aloud who is that? To what I am, referring to can only be described as a god, a tall twenty-seven maybe twenty eight year old, well-built light brown haired man, with mesmerizing green eyes. He is without a doubt the best looking living person I have ever seen. His long slim legs even out his broad shoulders and the dark blue pin striped suit he is wearing, fits him like a glove. He moves a little closer and I get a better view. Looking at him again, I really cannot believe my eyes. His skin is so tanned and golden and looks like silk, his tousled hair pushed slightly back so you can really appreciate his face his. His jaw is so refined and chiseled it would put Brad Pitt to shame. With lips so full and his eyes, I cannot explain it but somehow they look sad even though he is smiling. I hear his voice as he speaks to the other men he is with and it is so captivating that its sending chills down my spine. I stare at him and to my total despair, I see him heading towards the bar. He walks over and stands right next to me, I try not to stare but it is so hard and I am not the only one. As soon as he approached every women around stopped whatever they were doing to have a look at this man. He orders two double scotch on the rocks and waits tapping his long thin finger on the bar. I catch him looking at me with the corner of his eye; I try not to let him notice that I saw him. Then to my shock, he turns around and he is looking directly at me, his eyes lock on mine I cannot help but feel uneasy around him. "Who are you?" He says a little abruptly. “Excuse me?” “You heard me.” I cannot help but feel stunned, is this guy being rude? “Are you deaf who are you?” “I’m from out of town.” “I can see that but why are you here?” If this was anyone else I would be straight in there giving back as good as I was getting but with this man, there is something stopping me. “I, I, I’m Alanna.” “Was that so difficult?” “I don’t understand why are you being rude?” “I’m not being rude darling, just interested when I see a new face and tell me why your here?” “I’m here with my Dad on business.” “A Daddy’s girl,” “Excuse me?” “Are you a Daddy’s girl?” “I’m not sure what you mean by that?” “I see I’m not going to get any answers from you am I?” “Answers, I am sorry Sir but I don’t know you and I find it a little strange all these questions you’re asking.” “Oh you do? Tell me one thing darling,” He says leaning in and staring so deep into my eyes, I feel he can see my soul. “Do I make you feel uneasy?” I lean back and straighten myself out. “Maybe a little,” “Then I apologies,” He takes his drinks and heads back to his friends. What was that all about? I think to myself, as I turn round and face the bartender. I must have a look of despair on my face as the bartender notices it. “Are you Okay Miss?” I take a deep breath and let out a sigh. “Who was that?” I ask the guy behind the bar. “Who that bloke you were talking to you?” “Yeah” “That’s Adrian Black.” “A little rude don’t you think?” I ask the bartender “I guess so, I mean he is a millionaire and I think to be honest the guy has issues.” “What kind of issues?” “I am not sure, all I know is he has his own company James and Brooke’s enterprises over at the other side of town. He only comes here every few months and makes an appearance usually heading out the door with different blonde on his shoulder every time.” “So he has a girlfriend?” “No he doesn’t do girlfriends from what I heard, only girls for one or two dates then he takes them back to where ever he found them drops the off and doesn’t give them a second thought.” I find myself so interested in this man that I cannot believe myself. “Tell me more.” “That’s pretty much all I know about him love, but if you ask me I think the bloke is messed up. All that money and power you know he is only twenty five.” “I thought he looked older.” I say. “A lot of people say that, but I think he has had a hard life there is something in the blokes eyes that says there’s more to him than meets the eye.” "Lanna" I hear my Dad say. “Come over here.” He is waving me over while he stands with an older man and a woman with fair hair. As I, walkover to my Dad I have to pass Adrian Black. I try to walk fast but somehow my foot is stuck and I find myself tripping in towards him. Before I hit the ground, he is there and quickly grabs me. He pulls me up towards him and I look up at him the only word I can choke out is. "Thanks" but he stops me, he looks at me and lightly says, "You must be more careful someone other than me might not have caught you then what would I do?" “Huh?” I say as he lets go of me. He says to the other men he is with. "I must say goodnight now it’s time for me to go, Jeff I will see you Monday." I am just so mesmerized by is beauty that it is hard for me even to breathe He looks at me and says. “Remember me.”

“Sweetie, are you Okay?” “Yes I’m fine.” “Who was that you were talking to you?” ”I have no idea just some man helped me when I fell.” “Anyway” My Dad’s says clearing his throat. “Mr. Jenkins this is my daughter Alanna.” “Hi there darling it’s lovely to meet you at last, you know your Father is always talking about you and saying what an amazing person you are. I must say I had no idea you were so pretty.” “Thanks.” I say blushing. Mr. Jenkins goes on for ages talking about the company, the business deals, and the politics and off course the weather. However, all I can think of is what Adrian Black was all about, what did he mean by his last words that he said to me? Was there something I was missing? Did I not notice something? Have I heard of him before? Does he know who I am? So many questions are going round in my head and I have to conclude that I have no answers no words to describe him.

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