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Wilde Velvet, One day to go!

Hey all, 

Tomorrow is going to mark the start of a new chapter for me. I am releasing my new novel, Wilde Velvet,on amazon. I am excited, but also very nervous at the same time. This story is quite unique. I feel that people will either love it or hate it. I chose to write about some very serious issues and I fear that it wont be everyone's cup of tea. I have set myself up for criticism and  I am not expecting this book to be a roaring success either. I know that might sound a little hypercritical  and will possibly give off the vibe that I don't believe in my own work. That is however, not true and I do believe in myself. I am just a realistic person, and I never take success for granted. I am excited and nervous to hear all of your thoughts, I ask only one thing, that for those of you who are going to read this novel, please be honest in telling me exactly how you felt about the story. 
I look forward to hearing from all of you, and i really hope that this story can touch your hearts, in the way it has touched mine. 

Please find attached the new cover, thanks to my wonderful designer who has worked her butt off for the last two days. 

Love always, Deila xx 


Friday, 9 August 2013

Wilde Velvet

Hey all, 
It seems as if it has been forever since I last updated my blog! I have been so busy working on my books that I just haven't had any free time what so ever. 
I am not going to ramble on instead I will just get to the point! 

Please find the first non-edited chapter, the cover and the official synopsis of Wilde Velvet. 
Please bare in mind that i'm still in the editing process and somethings may be subject to change. 

Feel free to tell me your thoughts I can't wait to share this story with you guys!
love Deila xx 

“One girl, one guy, eight dramatic weeks and two very different views on love,”

When Ashley Scott Harper moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of music, she never imagined that her past would have such an effect on her life today and when the smoldering Jonathon Wilde enters the picture, Ashley has to fight with her inner self to stay away from him. He’s tall, dark and handsome with an acid tongue and eyes that Ashley could easily fall into. Jonathon is everything that Ashley is trying to avoid, but is it fate that brings them together when they are forced to spend eight weeks together or is it simply a recipe for disaster?
“I’m far from perfect, but I’m perfect for you!” Jonathon Wilde

Wilde Velvet coming soon on amazon


The crowd is busy –crap my heart is about burst. I peek through the black curtains and I see the faces of the impatient club-goers. They don’t look impressed as they wait for me to grace the stage. I never get nervous, but tonight my anxiety levels are through the roof. I moved to Los Angeles about a year ago. So that I could pursue music and my time here in tinsel town, has been far from glamorous. I live in a run-down apartment building on the west side of town. I share my tired, two bedroom apartment with my best friend, Sydney.  I love music and I have been singing and writing songs for as long as I can remember. Music completes me. I love the feeling I get when I hear a new song for the first time. It’s like no other feeling that I have experienced. I adore music. It’s my passion. My world and its everything that I live for.  So when I was twenty one, I decided that I needed to branch out and try to fulfill my dreams.
I am originally from Dallas. I was raised by mom. I have never met my dad. My mom said that he was just a sailor on leave and she hooked up with him, and I am the result. I guess it’s been kind of tough growing up without a dad. But I don’t feel as if I have missed out on anything. My mom and I were inseparable. We always did everything together and I know that it wasn't always easy for her to raise a kid on her own. But she did the best that she could. We never had much money. My mom would work two jobs so that we could make rent. Our car was always in the shop. I didn't have expensive clothes like all the other girls in school. But that didn't bother me. My mom taught me to look on the brighter side of life. We could have had it much worse, and my mom always taught me to be thankful for the things that we did have.
When I left Dallas my mom took it really badly. She was used to me always being there. We did everything together and when I left, a little part of her died. It still pains me when I call her. I miss her so much, but I needed to get away. My life in Dallas was … complicated and I couldn't stay in that city for a moment longer. So I packed up my entire life and I moved to California. I was lucky that I managed to find an apartment and a job. I work during the day as a waitress in a small, but elegant restaurant. My nights are consumed by going out and playing small gigs. I spend most of my free time at the beach. I love the ocean and I have to admit that since I moved here, I love this city.

 “Ashley!” My best friend Sydney shouts as she rushes towards me. Her long black hair is flowing as she marches in my direction. Her dark eyes are narrowed, and her lips part as she grows closer to me. 

“You ready?” She exclaims when she finally reaches me. I smile at her as I try to hide my anxiety. My heart is in my mouth as I gaze out at the sea of dark suits. Oh crap they look so business like and I am terrified to sing in front of them. I try to compose myself. Calm down Ashley.

I pull the curtains closed and Sydney and I walk over to the back of the waiting area. I scan the faces of all the other musicians who are also waiting to play. A few of them stick out from the crowd. A tall skinny guy with jet black hair is strumming on his guitar. Over at the other side there is a boy band. I smile at them. They look as if they have raided Vanilla Ice’s closet. There is a long table that’s filled with bottles of water. My throat feels a little dry. So I reach out and lift a bottle of Evian from the surface. I pour the water down my throat, and then I focus my eyes on Sydney. She looks very excited, nervous and worried all at the same time. She is dressed in her typical ‘EMO’ clothing, which consists of a black t-shirt and dark skinny jeans with a studded belt. She has on her favorite shoes, her black and white Chuck Taylors. Her long black hair is poker straight and her eyes are thick with eye liner. She is very curvaceous and I keep on telling her how amazing she would look in a nice dress. But dresses and feminine things aren't really her scene. I am not exactly sure how we are best friends. We have nothing in common. We don’t like the same music. We don’t have the same interests. I like to hang out at the beach and go swimming. Sydney likes to stay indoors. She hates the sun and I worship it. Sydney loves to draw and I can’t stand it. We are so different, but somehow we are best friends.
We met about a month after I moved here. Sydney’s a waitress at a coffee shop on Sunset called ‘Flavour’. I was exploring the city and I came across the sweet coffee shop. Sydney served me. We got to talking and she told me that she had a spare room. I was staying in a motel at this point and I was desperate to find a place. I was a little worried at first. Sydney’s appearance was a little intimidating and I had never really met anyone like her before. But she was so friendly and welcoming. I have a hard time warming up to new people. But I somehow instantly clicked with Sydney. I moved in the next day, and we have been friends ever since.  

“You look nervous.”  Sydney says as she pushes her hair away from her face. I glug down my water in a violent manner, God I wish this was stronger.

“How can you tell?” I say sarcastically. Sydney chuckles and then she tries to reassure me that everything will be okay.

“You’re gonna be awesome. You have an amazing voice. Now go on and kick some butt!” I laugh at her joke and then I nervously tie my caramel coloured hair into a loose pony tail. I can hear the crowd starting to cheer and my heart level increases. A guy with earphones around his neck and a clipboard is heading my direction. He marches over to me and he locks his eyes on mine.

“You’re on first. Come this way.” He says as he abruptly pulls me by the arm. I rip my arm away from him and I follow him. Stomping my feet as I try to keep up with his pace. He leads me to the side of the stage and he begins to write something on his pad as he explains what he expects me to do. “Now, you only get one song so make it a good one. You’re on in three minutes, so get ready. I’ll introduce you. What’s your name again?” He says as he pulls his eyes away from his writing.

“My name’s Ashley Scott Harper,” I say as I nervously bite my lower lip. The guy smiles at me and then he rushes past me onto the stage. The crowd roars at his appearance and he taps the microphone before he speaks. My heart is racing. Focus Ashley. This is your dream come true.
Once a month, ‘Club Vixen’ hosts a special night for up and coming new talent. It’s a very tough to get on the line up, but my friend Zane knows Paul, the guy who owns the bar. Zane’s mom is married to Paul’s dad. So he was able to pull a few strings to get me a spot on tonight’s line up. Paul is very well respected in the music world. He knows everyone, and all of his friends are either music producers or musicians. I have only ever met him once. He is charming, kinda cute and he did ask me out. But, I politely refused. I was worried that I might have offended him by turning him down. But I was glad when he declared ‘NO HARD FEELINGS’. 

“Please welcome to the stage, Miss Ashley Scott Harper!” The guy shouts through the microphone. The crowd roars and that’s my cue. The black curtains drop and I am standing looking out at the crowd. My mind begins to rush, and I see the black suits of the music moguls sitting at a large round table. I nervously bite my lower lip, and I can feel my hands starting to shake. But I remember how bad I want this, so I compose myself and I glide onto the stage. A spot light is shining on me, and there is a standing microphone and a stool. I smile at the crowd and I laugh when I hear a few whistles and cheers from the guys in the front row.

“Nice Legs,” one of them shouts. I smile and glance down at my legs. I was at the beach today so I’m really tanned. My little white shorts look sheer against my skin and my bright yellow crop top shows off my slim waist. I sit down onto the stool and I pull the microphone towards me. I love the feeling of being on stage. It’s amazing, I live for music. I do open mic nights almost every night. I adore being on stage and sharing my music with people. It makes me feel, special and needed. A song can help you through so much. You just have to believe in it. Music has gotten me through so much pain. If I could just help one other person through a tough time, then that’s what makes everything worthwhile.
I look at the music executives and then I close my eyes. The guy from earlier runs onto the stage and he hands me my guitar. I sling the strap over my shoulder and then I begin to play. The crowd quietens as the sound of my guitar strums through the entire club. I close my eyes as my lips part to let out my sound.

“Da Da Da Da
The smell of your skin lingers on me, now
You're probably on your flight back to your hometown
I need some shelter of my own protection baby
Be with myself in centre, clarity, peace, serenity.
I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It's personal, myself and I
We got some straightening out to do
And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I've gotta get a move on with my life
It's time to be a big girl now
And big girls don't cry
Don't cry, Don't cry, Don't cry”

I finish the song to a roaring applause. My heart is pounding in my chest, but in a good way. I stand up and take a bow, and then I reluctantly pull myself off the stage. I run backstage, and everyone is clapping as I walk past them. I smile as I rush into the bar. I’m searching for Sydney and I see that she is already at the bar. I run over to her, and she wraps her arms around my neck when I reach her.

“You were awesome. That song was chilling. You rock!” I laugh at her. Thank God it went good.  My head is spinning and everyone around me is applauding and telling me how good I was. I am so flattered and excited. But I am nervous as I see a chubby African American guy walking towards me. He is a music mogul. I can tell because he was one of the dark suit wearing guys at the table. I can hardly see straight as I watch him walk over to me. He reaches me and he immediately holds out his hand for me to shake it. I firmly shake the guys hand and then he begins to talk.

“I’m Don Phillips. I’m the CEO of BeatBox records. I just wanna tell you that your performance really impressed me.” Is this for real? I shake myself. Stay calm Ashley.

“Thanks, I’m Ashley it’s nice to meet you.” I say in my most professional voice. I want to scream. The CEO of BeatBox records was impressed by my performance. This isn't real. I must be dreaming.

“I would love to hear you play again. Would mind dropping by the studio tomorrow?” I can’t hold back my smile.

“Sure, I would love to.” I gush. The guy laughs and then he focuses on his vibrating Blackberry.

“Okay, be there at eight. I gotta run.” He answers his phone as he walks away from me. I collapse on the nearest bar stool. Sydney flops down next to me. We are both speechless. I can’t believe that this has happened to me. This could be the break that I have been waiting for. I am so excited, anxious and nervous. I need my meeting with him tomorrow to go well. Music is my world. I have dreamt about this so many times. I have wanted this for so long. Music means everything to me and I have to make this work. Tomorrow could be the start of my dreams. I need to pull off the performance of my life.
Sydney orders us a couple of beers and then she turns to face me. Her eyes are big and glossy. She is smiling from ear to ear, beaming as Mr Phillips’s words rings in our ears. The barmaid slides two bottles of Corona along the wooden surface of the bar. Sydney and I both grab our drinks and down them in an instant. My mind is rushing. I can’t believe that I have a meeting tomorrow at BeatBox records.

“Can you believe what just happened?” I say as I place the bottle down onto the surface of the bar. Sydney narrows her eyes at me.

“Of course I can believe it. You have the most chilling voice. You’re amazing.” I slightly blush at her words. Sydney has always been supportive of me. She really is my best friend. I was lost until I met her. I didn't know anything about this oversized city. Everyone thinks that Los Angeles is all about ‘Hollywood, but that’s not true. There is so much more to LA than just the movies. There are so many different cultures with all sorts of different people. I was amazed when I first moved here and if I am honest I still am. I was so lucky that I met Sydney. She gave me somewhere to stay and she welcomed me as her friend. She showed me the city and she introduced me to so many interesting people, like Zane. He is amazing, really kind and very sweet. He and I get on great and I have enjoyed getting to know him. My life is so much better since I moved here. Don’t get me wrong, I really miss my mom. But things in my life were complicated and I never allow myself to think back. I have endured so much pain in the past that I am washed out. I gave up a stressful, heart-breaking life, so that I could live drama free and pursue my music. I don’t regret moving here. It was the best decision that I have ever made.

“Thanks, but I’m nervous. What if I blow it?” I rest my heavy head against the surface of the bar and I let out a deep exhale. I feel Sydney’s hand against my shoulder and I look up to meet her stare.

“If you sing like you did tonight, then you will blow them away.” She’s right. I need to stay positive. Mr Phillips wouldn't have come up to me if he didn't think that I was talented. He must be interested in me and he did say that I impressed him. I laugh and Sydney chuckles with me. Then she jumps off the bar stool and says. “I gotta pee.” I nod and I watch as she rushes in the direction of the bathroom. I sit up straight in the stool and I begin to scan the faces of the club-goers. Everyone is having such a good time, and the guy that’s playing is really good. He is singing ‘I will wait by Mumford and Sons’ he sounds awesome.  I focus on his face as I begin to mouth the words. He has a really powerful voice and I could listen to him sing all night long. I begin to sway in my seat, and my body temperature rises. It’s so hot in here, I need another drink.  I spin back around to face the bar, and I’m startled when I see a guy standing really close to me. He is massively tall with dark greased hair and big brown eyes. His skin is golden and his fashion choices are out of this world. He is wearing dark slim fit jeans, which are tucked into brown Gucci high-top sneakers. His dark blue t-shirt is visible under his dark brown leather jacket and his outfit is tied together with a matching Gucci belt. He has a very beautiful face. Nice full lips and a perfect nose. His skin is luscious and his hair is immaculate. He smells incredible and he looks very … European. He is staring at me, and I realise that I am staring back. I quickly drag my eyes away from him, but my subconscious is angry with me. I’m forced to look at him again. He lightly licks his lips as he reaches out his hand. His dark eyes meet mine, and as his lips part, I make a wager with myself. I bet he’s Spanish or Italian.

“Hello, may I buy you a drink?” I am shocked; he has a fluid American accent. My eyes focus on his and I smile at him. His hand is still extended towards mine, and I feel stupid that I haven’t shaken his hand. I reach out and I place my hand into his. I jump. His touch his electrifying. I quickly pull my hand away from him, and I readjust myself in the stool. Mr handsome is still staring at me. He is very intimidating and very smug. His full lips part again. I am getting the feeling that he is a little impatient. I feel my cheeks firing up as I catch him staring at my legs. I feel really uncomfortable around him. I can’t accept his offer to buy to me a drink. I slowly climb off the bar stool and when I stand fully in front of him, I really appreciate how tall he is. I am five-six and I have three inch heels on and I still feel dwarfed by him. I try to maintain my composure as I politely refuse his offer.

“Thanks but I’m good.” I say in a firm voice. I flash him an awkward smile and I turn to walk away from him. I’m surprised and a little concerned when he strides towards me and pulls me back around to face him. My heart starts to pound as he begins to talk.

“Why won’t you let me buy you a drink? Have I done something to upset you?” His voice is smooth and all-American. I shake my head; he should have a foreign accent to match his looks. I pull my hand out of his and I look up into those eyes. He smiles at me, and he looks really young and playful. I can’t deny that he is a stunning guy, but I am just not interested in getting to know him. My main rule for my new life in LA is that it has to be a guy-free zone. I am not looking for love or that one prefect guy. I came here for one reason –music. I am not going to get distracted by some gorgeous guy. I have come so far. I can’t go back to my old ways, not now. Things in my life are starting to turn around and who knows; maybe tomorrow my life will change forever.

“How could you upset me, I don’t even know you? Now if you’ll excuse me.” I spin around, but he pulls me back again. My heart is racing, this guy is so annoying.

“Get to know me. My name is … Jonathan. But my friends just call me John.” I roll my eyes at him. He is so annoying, why won’t he let me leave? I am used to guys hitting on me, but this guy is taking it to a whole other level. I need to get away from him. He could very easily be the distraction that I am desperately trying to avoid.

“Look it’s not personal. I just gotta go, but it was nice to meet you … John.” He bites his lower lip and he runs his fingers along his jawline. I am little mesmerized by him, but I’m forcing myself to act cool.

“Okay then leave!” He says in a bitter tone. I am a little startled by his firmness and I don’t feel comfortable around him. “Better yet I’ll leave!” He says through a set of pearly white teeth. I watch him, stunned as he pushes his way through the busy crowd. I flop back down onto the bar stool, and my hands clasp together. What was that? Who was that guy? I try to compose myself as Sydney sits down next to me.

“What did Mr Gucci want?” She says referring to Jonathan or John as he prefers to be called. I laugh at her nickname. Mr Gucci. It’s very fitting to him and it has a nice to 
ring to it. Mr Gucci you’re everything that I am trying to avoid. 

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Post from Katheryn

Hey All, 
Please enjoy this guest post from Katheryn Lane. 
Make sure to check out her books and feel free to contact her via Facebook and Twitter.

                       Happy Ever After Endings by Katheryn Lane
I recently read a wonderful romance novel,  Broken Wings by Dawn Torrens, in which the heroine, Angelina, falls in love with a soldier, Joshua, who’s about to be deployed to Afghanistan in the Army’s bomb disposal unit. Before he leaves, about two-thirds of the way through the book, she says that Joshua has ‘given her wings’, as he makes her feel that she can do practically anything. This phrase had my heart sink! The title, ‘Broken Wings’ implied that Joshua would break Angelina’s heart. Would he die in Afghanistan? Would he return to her alive? Frantic to know the answer, I fervently read through the remaining third of the book to find out. While I was reading, I desperately hoped that he would survive and they would have a happy-ever-after ending. I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that it’s a great read!
Later, when I finished, I thought about why I was so keen on having a positive ending. No one likes the idea of people dying in a war, but these were fictional characters. Why was it so important to me that Joshua came back to Angelina? Most romances (including the ones I write) finish with a happy-ever-after ending (HEA for short), but why? I guess that in a good novel (or series of novels), the reader starts to feel strongly attached to the hero and heroine. During the course of the book/series, the reader follows their story as they meet and overcome the various conflicts that stand in their way. Despite the fact that some of these problems seem insurmountable (for example in my novel The Desert Sheikh, the sheikh takes a second wife!) the couple eventually manage to resolve their problems and sort things out. This does not mean that everything is perfect, but the reader is left with the feeling that the hero and heroine will be reunited and they will remain together.
Sadly, real life is not always like this. All too often couples are not able to overcome the obstacles that everyday life throws up; some problems just cannot be resolved and the only solution is to split up, or not even get together in the first place. Because real life is full of countless examples of devastating loss and its consequences, not just for the couple, but for their family and friends as well, I think many readers like to escape to a world where long lasting happiness can be found and true love does find a way. When I read a romance I like to have a strong emotional journey with the couple; I like to share their passion and their heartache, and even shed a few tears along the way. However, I also like to know that at the end I will finish the book emotionally satisfied and relieved that everything has been sorted out. A reviewer has compared my books to an emotional rollercoaster and I think reading romance can be a bit like a fairground ride: lots of gut-wrenching ups and downs during the journey, but you know you’re going to get to the end safe and sound, even if you are a little bit shaken up.
About Katheryn Lane
I'm a wife, teacher, author and mother of two boisterous boys, so most of my days are taken up with finding lost school shoes, getting stuck in traffic and wondering why I always join the queue that doesn't move in the supermarket. However, I try to forget these daily problems (and the fact that I burnt the toast again this morning) by losing myself in a good book and writing novels that give readers a break from everyday life.
Open one of my books and escape on an adventure to an exotic location, because it's easier to buy a book than it is to book an air ticket.
Have a break, read a book!

To find out more about me, you can:
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Katheryn Lane’s romance novels are available on Amazon at:

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Hey All

Hey All, 
Firstly I would like to apologize for my lack of postings. I have been swamped recently and I just can't seem to find a spare moment to update my blog. 
I have some news to share with all of you, 
I am currently working on two projects at the moment, 
'Wilde Velvet and 'Three Thousand Miles Closer'. 
Both books have my time consumed, but hey I am not complaining. I feel very blessed that I have so much inspiration in my life to write and a lot of my inspiration comes from you guys, the readers. I can't express how grateful I am to each and every one of  you who have read and enjoyed my books. You guys are truly the best.
If any of you have any questions about any of my books, you can contact me via Twitter @DeilaLongford  

Please check out my Facebook page, I post teasers and updates from my books daily... 

Or if you would like to email me you can,

I would love to hear your thoughts, so please don't hesitate in contacting me... 

Lots of love Deila xx 

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Update from Deila

Hey all, 
I'm sorry that I haven't been updating my blog as much as I should be. I have been swamped lately and I just can't seem to find the time. Now that I have finally sat down and taken a moment to myself, I'm going to fill you guys in on what I have been doing lately. 

1: writing and editing until the small hours. 
2: barely surviving on less than five hours sleep night. (but writing is my passion and I wouldn't give it up for all the sleep in the world)  
3: researching for my new novel, along with working and spending time with the family. 
Now that I have written all this down, its a shocker that I am actually functioning! 
Anyway, I have rambled on long enough. I must get back to my busy life. 
I will try to update the blog more often... 

Deila xx 

P.S. Forever Yours Part Four will be released really soon on amazon!   

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Forever Yours part 3

Hey all, 
I would like to share with you the link for 'Forever Yours' part three. The book is free on amazon for a limited time only, so please feel free to grab your copy. 

Deila xx 

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Update from Deila

Hey all, 
I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping my blog as up to date as usual. But I have been really busy working on my new books.
I would just like to share with all of you, that 'Forever Yours' part 3 will be released tomorrow on Amazon! I'm really excited for all of you to read the next part of the story, and to hear your feedback. I have included below the new book cover for part 3. I hope all of you will download, read and enjoy my new book series! 
All the best,

Deila xx 

!Out tomorrow on Amazon!

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Hey all, 
for everyone out there who uses Smashwords instead of Amazon, here is the links for 'Forever Yours' Part 1-2. 
Download, enjoy and rate! 

Deila xx

Update from Deila

Hey all, 
I would just like to share with you the links for 'Forever Yours' part 1-2. 
These books are free on Amazon for a limited time, so grab your copies now! Enjoy and let me know your thoughts! 

Deila xx

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(Release date)

Hey all, 
'Forever Yours, part 1-2 is out tomorrow on amazon! 
The books will be free for five days, from Tuesday the 26th. 
Please feels free to grab your free copies and hopefully you will enjoy my new Novella series! 
Please let me know your thoughts and enjoy! 

Deila xx 

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Update from Deila

Hey all, 
Just a quick update about my new book series 'Forever Yours' 
As this is a novella series, I have decided to release part one and two at the same time! Both books will be free on amazon for five days, I am hoping that all of you are as excited as I am about the new books? 

Below, I have included both book covers, enjoy and let me know what you think! 

Deila xx 

'Forever Yours' part 1-2 releasing soon on amazon... 

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Update from Deila

Hey all, 
I would just like to share my new book cover... 
'Forever Yours' Part one, releasing soon on amazon... 

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Forever Yours

“I don’t really care what you believe, but believe this, when I saw you lying face down in the puddle, your appearance and your ass, lured me in. I felt that you were the most mysterious, beautiful girl that I have ever seen. I needed to get to know you and I broke my rule of not dating, so that I could spend time with you.” 

Quote from 'Forever Yours' - Dalton Clark ... 

releasing soon on amazon..

Deila xx 

Forever - Yours, Part One

Hey all,
As promised, my spoilers and quotes from my new book series. 
Today I would like to share with you the official synopsis for part one. Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts... 

Deila xx 

 In Portland Maine, lives a girl called Rose Peterson. She is human, hardworking, shy, and keeps herself to herself. Rose doesn't buy into all of the silly things that life has to offer, she doesn't like to shop or watch chick flicks, instead she indulges in scary movies and reading books. Meet Dalton Clark, he is stunning, mysterious, sarcastic and supernatural. When Rose bumps into him at her local convince store, she is mesmerized  intrigued and petrified of his ever changing eyes. Who is Dalton Clark and what is his story? What happens when these two strangers collide? Is it instant sparks, or an overwhelming tragedy?

Find out in book one, Forever Yours – Part One,

The thrilling new series from the author of ‘Three Thousand Miles 
To You’, Deila Longford.

Book one, coming soon on Amazon…          

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Update from Deila

Hey all,
I would just like to give all of you an update on my new, mini book series titled 'Forever Yours'. Over the next few days, I will be posting spoilers and quotes from part one of my thrilling new series, on here and also on my Facebook pages.
Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have regarding my new books. 
I look forward to sharing this new story with every one of you 

Deila xx   

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Thank You

Hey all, 
I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has bought, downloaded and read my first three novels. 
Thanks for all of your wonderful comments and reviews! 
It means the world to me when I read your messages saying how much you love Adrian's and Alanna's story. I am sad that their final chapter has been released and I am going to miss wiring their about their wonderful and dramatic life together. 
It is now time for me to move on and begin to write another another book! I am so excited about my next book and hopefully you guys will be as well. 
Please feel free to contact me about my books, and I can't wait to share more stories with you awesome readers. 

Email me@ 
all my love, Deila xx 

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Book 3 is now available

Hey all, 
Book three is now on amazon! 
I am so excited to hear all of your thoughts on how the story ends! 
Please keep me posted... 
Deila xx

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Book 3

Hey all, 
The wait is almost over, book 3 will be available on amazon from tomorrow! 
I am super excited about the final part of the series and I cannot wait to hear your comments and feedback on how the story ends! 

Please keep me posted, 

Deila xx 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Soundtrack book 3

Hey all, 

Video #3 for my new book Three Thousand Miles - Forever 

'Stay' by Rihanna

Check it out and let me know your thoughts?

Deila xx  

Monday, 4 February 2013

Video #2

Hey all, 
Here is video #2 of my soundtrack for book 2. 
Song is 'Diamonds' by Rihanna , let me know what you think and enjoy! 

Deila xx 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Soundtrack book 3

Hey all, 
This is the first video of Three Thousand Miles -Forever soundtrack. 
Song is 'skyfall' by Adele, listen and let me know what you think... 

Deila xx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A little visual inspiration

Hey all
with book 3 on it's way, I have decided to give you a little visual inspiration as you wait for 'Forever' to be released, enjoy and let me know what you think. 

Deila xx

In order of appearance, 
1: Alanna 
2: Michael 
3: Adrian  

Friday, 1 February 2013

Another spoiler from Deila

Hey all, 
I hope that everyone is well and not too depressed from the freezing weather. I am currently suffering from a cold but I have still been working non-stop on book #3 and I am optimistic that it will be ready for release very soon. I know that the wait has been long and frustrating so here is another snippet to wet your apatite. 

Deila xx

“Alanna why have you let go of my hand?” Adrian asks as I move away from him. His eyes are saddened but I can still see the rage that is buried underneath. He lunges closer to me as I hold the ring box in my hand. My heart is thumping and I know that I have to make a choice. I look up at him and I give him the box. He shakes his head at me and then he turns to walk away.

“Adrian…” I shout after him. He turns and now he cannot hold back his anger. He runs towards me and he takes my hands firmly in his.

“Alanna you can’t do this to me. You have to give me an answer!” He says in a very firm voice. He is starting to shake and I notice that his eyes are bolting. My heart is beating fast and I know that I have to tell him my answer. I cannot hold it in any longer. 


Thursday, 24 January 2013


Hey all, 
I hope that everyone is well and I hope that the bad weather isn't getting you down! Anyway I am here to share with you a snippet from book 3. 
Please let me know you feedback and enjoy! 

Deila xx 

The car drives slowly as the driver navigates through the mid-town traffic. My knees are beginning to jump as we stop yet again at a red light. I nervously look down at my watch and my heart races when I see that I am thirty –minutes late. I lean forward to my driver as I try to urge him to drive faster. 
“Excuse me sir is there any chance of speeding up? I am late for…” I break off mid- sentence as I think of what I am late for. My heart begins to pound and I cannot breathe as I look down at my hand. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Update from Deila

Hey all, 

I would like to share with you a little spoiler from book#3! Below you will find a short synopsis of the story. This little spoiler will hopefully get your mind racing with all of the possibilities for the story. I hope that it will intrigue you into to wanting to the read the next book.      
And to lose yourself in the world of Alanna and Adrian...

Enjoy and let me know your feedback...

Deila xx 

Alanna Hart has changed in so many ways since she met the alluring Adrian Black. He came into her life when she least expected it and he took her heart for himself. 

With many twists of fate and a dramatic shooting, Alanna and 
Adrian have seemed to conquer it all. But on the night of Alanna’s 23rd birthday, Adrian asked her one final time to be his wife but the question is - what will she say? Will Alanna choose Adrian and if she does what will her life be like with him? Will she live happily ever after or will his darker side return? Perhaps Alanna will reconsider Michael who is still very much a big part of her life. What will happen to Alanna’s friends and what will their reaction be to her choice? With so many decisions and options for Alanna to consider what will her final answer be?

Find out in the final book of the (Three Thousand Miles Series)  

Three Thousand Miles – Forever


Coming soon on Amazon 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Update from Deila

Hey all, 
This is my last soundtrack video for 
Three Thousand Miles - Jealousy... 

Song is Power of Love by Gabriel Alpin
If you have read book#2, then you will know that this song has a very special meaning for Adrian and Alanna. Please listen to the video whilst you read the page which the song is mentioned. The words will help you understand more about how Alanna is feeling.  

Please enjoy the video and let me know your feedback...

Deila xx 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Hello everyone, 

I would just like to start by saying a big thank you to all of my readers. Recently I have been working on Book #3 of the Three Thousand Miles Series and I would like to personally thank every one who has showed their interest in my books. I would also like to say thanks for all of the awesome feedback that I have been receiving and your kind words have made my sleep deprived writing days worth while.

I would also like to apologize for not updating my blog as regular as I should and I promise that I will try to change this as I have a few things planned. 
As you are well aware of I have created a soundtrack for my series of novels and I would love to hear your feedback on what you think of it? 

Over the next few weeks I am going to release little snippets from Book #3, so please check out my blog for the new updates...
Please check out my new book cover below and let me know your thoughts... 

I look forward to the next few weeks and I can't wait for all you to read the next part of Alanna and Adrian's story

Deila xx