Monday, 22 October 2012

Three Thousand Miles To You

Alanna Hart is a young feisty college student who knows her own mind and takes nothing from no one. That’s until she goes to London on a business trip with her dad and meets the alluring Adrian Black. A stunning complicated billionaire. She finds herself drawn to him in a way she never has with anyone before! His looks amaze Alanna and she falls deeply in love with him. However, he has deep dark secrets that put a risk to Alanna’s life. Can she accept him for what he is and obey his commands? Sophie, Alanna’s best friend watches as her friend changes the longer she is with Adrian, she fears that he is bad for Alanna and that he is over controlling. The more Alanna gets to know Adrian, the less she cares about the back stabbing and the cat fights of Manhattans elite, the things that used to matter don’t anymore! With three thousand miles apart and Michae,l Adrian’s gorgeous step brother who Alanna feels that she can’t live without, can all this work out for Alanna? Or is she doomed by the love she has for Adrian Black!

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