Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Passion,

Today is the day that I realised that my book is well liked.
I have hand many people emailing me and giving me their opinions of my story, To my total surprise, people actually like it!
When I first started to write book one, I never thought that I would even finish the story and here I am writing book two and sketching out ideas for book three. I had zero expectations when I published (Three Thousand Miles To You) and when I saw that people where buying my book I was stunned. During my first free promo my book made it to no:16 in the kindle store and that was a massive deal for me. My heart was racing as  I watched a copy of my book being sold every minute. 
At first writing was just a hobby of mine and something that I didn't see myself doing a lot of. However, writing is now my passion. I do my day to day things in a haze as I cannot wait to switch on my laptop and start to piece together my story. 
I really want to thank everyone who has emailed me their support.
I also thank every one of you that has bought my book and I cannot wait for you to read part two.
Thanks and all my love Deila...

Three Thousand Miles - Jealousy
Out December 2012...

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